Magda Czwojda is the only female guitarist in Poland who plays such a diverse repertoire on acoustic and electric guitar. When renowned jazz trumpeter Zbigniew Czwojda sent his 4-year-old daughter to the piano, he never suspected that she would become a master of the „paddle” associated mainly with men. However, the ambitious, talented and beautiful girl proved that the guitar in her hands can evoke great emotions. Both in her early years as a classical guitarist and later as a student of Jazz and Popular Music at the Academy of Music in Katowice, she won numerous awards and scholarships. In 2006, she received a Master of Arts degree from the academy as the first female guitarist in the department’s history!

Very soon she began working as a professional musician in the band of her dad, Zbigniew. Together with him, she performed on many stages around the world, recorded television programs with, among others, the Elita cabaret and the album „Still Swingin”. Then there was a sprinkling of offers from many TV shows, such as: „Singing Fortepiany”, „Singa Dinga”, „Szymon Majewski Show”. Magda leads a very active musical life. She is the founder and leader of the band „Nomen”, which, still under the name „Bikini”, in 2007 performed in the final ten of the Polish Eurovision pre-selection, presenting a song of her composition entitled „Don’t Judge Me”. „Don’t Judge Me”, and in 2009 released a debut album entitled „Omen”.

She permanently cooperates with the group „Tercet czyli Kwartet”, which consists of: Hanna Śleszyńska, Piotr Gąsowski, Robert Rozmus, Wojciech Kaleta and Wojciech Zieliński, with the CAPITOL Musical Theater in Wrocław, the Wojciech Zieliński Project band. He forms a jazz duo with bassist Tomasz Grabowy. She also focuses on her family band „Past&Future”, which is preparing to record fresh material. Magdalena is often invited by the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, where she performs guitar parts for repertoire purposes. To her credit, she has also released the band’s album „Soundz Good” with original music written together with Marta Zalewska. Recorded songs, could be heard in concert version during many performances of the band, including at the „Blues nad Bobrem” Festival, the opening of the 70th Tour de Pologne 2013 in Trento, Italy, or at the EXPO in Milan. In 2017, she recorded her debut CD starring the guitar, titled „In Dependence…. „In Dependence…”, The album had its store premiere on November 24, 2017, and is released by the Luna Music label. Magdalena played a pre-release concert at the prestigious „Ethno Jazz Festival” in Wroclaw. The year 2018 saw her promoting her solo album and touring with her own band. In 2019, she was invited to record an album by popular singer Doda. The album includes well-known compositions in orchestral arrangements. In the spring of 2020, a concert tour to promote the material began.

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