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Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe is one of the oldest non-governmental organizations in Poland. Established nearly 35 years ago, a few months after the symbolic Polish-German Reconciliation Mass in 1989. The Foundation works for Polish-German reconciliation and European integration, operating the largest International Youth Meeting Center in Poland.

The Foundation is headquartered in the former estate of the von Moltke family, a seventeenth-century palace-farm complex located in the small village of Krzyżowa in Lower Silesia, Poland. During the Second World War, an opposition group called the Kreisau Circle operated here. Circle members worked on plans for the renewal of democratic Germany and Europe.

Every year, thousands of people visit Krzyżowa – participating in international projects as meeting participants, youth exchange participants, artistic initiatives, or coming here as tourists. Projects related to music and art are particularly important for Krzyżowa. For the past ten years, the international Krzyżowa-Music Chamber Music Festival has been organized here. For the third time this year, the International Chamber Orchestra Music for Future will be hosted. And for over 20 years, the Summer Guitar Festival project has been accompanying Krzyżowa.


Fundacja „Krzyżowa” dla Porozumienia Europejskiego
Stiftung Kreisau für Europäische Verständigung

Krzyżowa 7
PL- 58-112 Grodziszcze


Anna Kiepura

phone: +48 797 993 695
email: anna.kiepura@krzyzowa.pl

Aristic director:

Krzysztof Pełech

email:  gitara@post.pl
+(48) 71 344 28 64 wew. 216 lub 212


Culture and Art Centre in Wrocław (OKiS)

Culture and Art Centre in Wrocław (OKiS) is a Cultural Institution of the Lower Silesian Region established in 1973. The main tasks of the Centre include co-creation of the cultural identity of Lower Silesia, integration of creative communities of the border region and promotion of art in all its aspects and forms. Through its extensive promotional and organisational activities, OKiS supports and enriches the cultural landscape of the Lower Silesian region by cultivating its rich history, heritage and tradition.

OKiS’s activities are addressed to a wide, very diverse group of recipients from the entire voivodeship. The institution carries out a number of activities in the field of dissemination of culture and artistic education, promotion of creativity and artists, as well as the culture of the region.

Every year, OKiS organises about 1,000 artistic and cultural events and conducts active  exhibitions, publishing, scientific research, documentation and reportage activity. As a co-producer, it supports the organisers of other cultural and artistic events in the region and co-organises cultural and social events in Lower Silesia and outside the region.

Culture and Art Centre in Wrocław is the organiser of regular international art festivals, open-air artistic events, creative workshops, lectures, as well as projects presenting the traditions and activities of Lower Silesians. The Centre is also a publisher of literary publications, artistic monographs, albums and catalogues of artists and a producer of documentaries presenting the history, tradition and culture of the region. OKiS co-publishes the iconic socio-cultural monthly magazine “ODRA” (established in 1961).

The official seat of the Centre is located in a complex of historic tenement houses (Rynek-Ratusz 24), and the FOTO-GEN Gallery run by OKiS is located in the historic House of the Ladies of Trzebnica [in Polish: Dom Panien Trzebnickich] (Bishop Nankier’s Square no. 8] 



Culture and Art Centre in Wrocław
Cultural Institution of the Lower Silesia Region


Rynek-Ratusz 24,
50-101 Wrocław


phone: 71 344 28 64 wew. 264 lub 212

email: guitarfestival@okis.pl




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