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Privacy Policy

The websites: is run by OKiS Culture and Arts Centre in Wroclaw (Polish: Ośrodek Kultury i Sztuki we Wrocławiu) based in Poland, Wroclaw, Rynek-Ratusz 24, 50-101 , RIK number 7, NIP PL8960005986, hereinafter referred to as OKiS.


Each user of the website and publications belonging to theOKiS is bound by the current Privacy Policy.


Any changes made to the privacy policy do not affect the basic principle: OKiSdoes not sell and does not provide third parties with personal or address data of customers / users of their websites. OKiS never sends spam.


If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, please do not visit the sites, do not subscribe to OKiS newsletters and do not purchase products and services offered by OKiS.


By agreeing to the Privacy Policy, you declare that:

  1. You agree to the processing of your personal data, provided voluntarily, for marketing purposes by OKIS The consent also covers the processing of data in the future, provided that the purpose of the processing is not changed.
  2. You agree to receive commercial information by means of electronic communication from OKiS, to the contact details you have provided.
  3. you have been informed that: the administrator of your personal data is OKiS; you have the right to access your personal data and the right to correct and delete them;providing personal data is voluntary and at the same time necessary to use the website.
Personal data
When using OKiS websites, you may be asked to provide some of your personal information by completing a form or otherwise. The data for which you will be asked is in most cases: name, surname, e-mail address and, if you want to receive an invoice – also the company name, tax identification number and company address. We require only the data that is necessary for the website to operate. Failure to provide the required data will block this action during which data was required.
Free Newsletter subscription
Subscribing to electronic and free newsletters belonging to OKiS requires entering in the appropriate form your e-mail address and in some cases your name. These fields are mandatory. The e-mail address is necessary so that you can send a newsletter to the user. The name allows OKiS to refer to the user by name.
Unannounced Messages
OKiS reserves the right to send unannounced messages to people whose contact details it has and who have agreed to the Privacy Policy. Under the concept of unannounced messages OKiS understands information referring directly to its websites, newsletters, services and products (eg changes, internal promotions), non-commercial letters (eg wishes, personal comments, etc.)
Cookies (cookies)
Some areas of sites belonging to OKiS may use cookies, ie small text files sent to the user’s computer, identifying it in a way necessary to simplify or cancel the operation. Cookies are harmless to the computer or its user and its data. The condition for the cookies to work is their acceptance by the browser and not removing them from the disk.
Changes to the Privacy Policy
OKiS reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy.
Changes to the Privacy Policy will be communicated to Users on the Website and during the User’s login to the Website.
All changes to the Privacy Policy become effective at the time of their inclusion on the Website, unless otherwise stated.

After the publication of information on changes to the Privacy Policy on the Website main page or in other places designated for the Webiste, the User should read the changes immediately, because activation on the Webiste after such announcement constitutes an unconditional acceptance of the new Privacy Policy by the User.


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