OKIS The Culture and Art Centre in Wrocław

The Culture and Art Center in Wrocław ( OKiS)  is a regional interdisciplinary cultural institution of the Lower Silesian Voivodship Local Government. It was established to create cultural identity and strengthen social integration of Lower Silesia, channeling the creative potential of the creative environments of the region, as well as the heritage and cultural challenges of the contemporary Central European borderland.

OKiS was established in 1973 with headquarters in a historic complex of tenement houses at the Wrocław Market Square. It also has a permanent photo gallery (FOTO-GEN Gallery) inside the oldest residential building in Wrocław, which is located between the Market Square and the historical sacred center of the city in Ostrów Tumski.

For 45 years, OKiS has been implementing a broad spectrum of artistic projects and programs, dissemination of culture and artistic education, promotion of art and its creators, and promotion of the region through international culture and cooperation. It conducts impresario, exhibition, publishing, research and documentation activities, and is a co-organizer of many cultural projects in Lower Silesia. The special competence of OKiS is the organization of large festivals, reviews, exhibitions and artistic workshops as well as projects in the field of cultural and artistic education for children, youth and groups at risk of social exclusion.

Currently, OKiS organizes several international festivals in Wroclaw and in Lower Silesia, artistic open air and creative workshops, as well as projects promoting the traditions of contemporary Lower Silesia. Substantially supports the organizers of other cultural and artistic projects. OKiS is a co-publisher of the renowned social and cultural monthly Odra, published since 1961, and the publisher of many literary books, artistic monographs, albums and catalogs. Annually, OKiS implements several hundred projects supporting Lower Silesian artists and promoting the culture of the region in the country and abroad.

Since 2020, the Culture and Art Center has been organizing renowned master guitar workshops Summer Guitar Festival. 


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